Are you planning to be a Media professional? From the era of Hippocrates, Medical sciences has invented latest technologies, surgeries through Laser beams, Diagnosis using I T soon & so forth – You can't be a Surgeon or a Physician without obtaining professional qualifications in medicine.

From the era of john logie baird, Johannes Gutenberg, Guglielmo Marconi , media industry introduced latest technologies such as Digital television, Digital radio, IPTV, DTH with superior technology. Equipments have been modernized rapidly. Consumer behavior is more complicated than ever. You can't be a media person without obtaining professional qualification in media. We school of media arts and management provides you with specialist knowledge and advanced grounding in your chosen field, enhancing your employment and career prospects in today's increasingly competitive job market.

We can be of help to you easily. You have to obtain necessary guidance from the best of media teachers in the field of information, drama, broadcasting, journalism, cinema, and graphics.

Our emphasis is on creating professional Media personal in Sri Lanka in par with International standards, whether you want to be a film producer, graphic designer, a photographer, or a scriptwriter, Our unique concentration of disciplines is based in purpose built professional facilities making you as different from other is the market .

Whether you are planning to study cinema, television, radio, or newspapers you will have to interact with and learn from creative and dynamic community of scholars and professionals in an environment as exciting, resourceful and vibrant as one can imagine .

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